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Out of Sorts

As I continue my mindful path, I've noticed that when one feels out of sorts it's a bit of a heightened noticing. So much of being mindful and approaching your life and days with mindfulness is awareness. I've become acutely aware of feeling out of sorts. Another part of mindfulness is accepting our feelings and… Continue reading Out of Sorts

Insomnia Blogging

Insomnia Blogging – Third Time’s The Charm?

I spent this past week recharging and unwinding, connecting with nature and had an all-around fantastic time of it. I decided to disconnect for the last few days of my trip and I think that made my commune with nature all the more perfect. Being in the forest, just surrounded  by the pure wonder of… Continue reading Insomnia Blogging – Third Time’s The Charm?

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A Hike Through The Forest

Outside our cabin in the forest we discovered a hiking trail. It wasn't on any map. We weren't sure how it was created or where it even went to, if anywhere. Our sense of adventure was instantly piqued. So as late morning arrived, my nephew and I set off to explore this serendipitous path in… Continue reading A Hike Through The Forest

Natural World, Photography

The Sun Shines On

Whilst sitting on our cabin patio in the mid-morning sun, I became interested in how the sunlight effects how we see those things it shines down upon. Just noticing the shadows and different highlights the natural sun provides intrigued me and sent me off to find out if I could capture any of that magic… Continue reading The Sun Shines On