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The Journey Explained

As I mentioned in the opening post, my path through Mindfulness began when I stumbled across the Calm app on my iPhone, looking to just get some quiet in my brain.  I suffer from an Anxiety Disorder that has rather taken over most of my life the past few years. I decided I needed to break that cycle. I’m now 53 days of Mindful Meditating and starting to real notice a difference in what was once a very rattled brain of busyness.

The Calm app lead me to explore more about Mindfulness. It also lead me to explore more about different philosophies. This all lead me to several books. I love reading, so it was a worthwhile and enjoyable path. (more about those books later) However, it wasn’t just books for reading that I was directed to – it was journals. The kind you write in. I’ve never been much for keeping up with anything so I really wasn’t sure about that at all.

The first one I found was the Mindful Life Journal. Seven minutes to a more mindful life. I could do 7 minutes. It’s a quick daily check-in that asks the same 6 questions (3 in the morning, 3 in the evening) every day. It has been very easy for me to keep up with – only 7 minutes! – but it got repetitive quickly and left me wanting more from this journaling experience.

The Mindfulness Journal is the book that has inspired this blog. It’s much more in-depth and just a once a day thing. It’s 365 days of prompts, each following a weekly theme. So this blog is I’m hoping going to be like a wrap up of the week of journaling. Putting it all together, so to speak. I’ll also sprinkle in some of those other readings the Mindful Path is taking me through. Hopefully it will be an inspiring journey for me and anyone who might stumble upon this blog.

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