Anxiety, Mindfulness

Just When You Need It

Sometimes something comes along at just the right time. Some call it fate, others coincidence. No matter what you may call it, getting something you need at the exact moment you most need it is really rather remarkable.

Yesterday and most of last night when I was not sleeping, I was thinking to myself what I really need is one of the magical Calm meditations to teach me about Uncertainty. Dealing with uncertainty is something I have always struggled with and I’m entering the waters of uncertainty as we speak again at this very moment. So I needed something, a way forward, a way of dealing with this uncertainty – a wisdom to carry myself through it with mindfulness.

As it happens, today’s Daily Calm topic is ~ you guessed it ~ Uncertainty. It reminded me that the world is constantly changing whether I am aware of it or not. All I can really do is keep putting one foot in front of the other and I’ll get through any uncertainty that will come my way.

That’s advice I really needed today. And for the days to come. Wonder what might pop up tomorrow at just the right time 🙂

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