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New Discoveries Along the Journey

taoAs I have been progressing through the #Dailycalm meditions, one in particular stood out. It spoke about the Tao of Pooh. A book written to convey the concepts of the Tao philosophy in a comparison between the principles of the philosophy and the characteristics of the characters in the book.

So I decided to give the book a read. It was quite delightful and really opened me up to a new way of thinking about my life and my place in the universe.

I can’t claim to be an overly religious person, I haven’t been to a regular church service since I was a child, but I do still identify as a Methodist when asked what religion I am, not sure why.

I’ve always been drawn to spirituality, but perhaps not the conformity of concrete ‘religion’. I never really thought of myself as someone would be drawn to the Eastern philosophies, but I admit I was immediately drawn in and felt a sense of understanding that I never have before. I’ve decided to delve further into the philosophy and try to implement some of the principles into my daily living. First and most importantly, just let things happen. Stop trying to control everything, especially those things you truly can’t control. Life with unfold the less you resist it’s unfolding.

I recommend the book to anyone interested in learning about Tao. It’s an easy read and in my opinion enjoyable.

Let me know what you think in the comments if you do get a chance to read it.

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