Journal, Mindfulness

The Mind & The Body

mj This week in The Mindfulness Journal , the focus was on the Body. Awareness of the body is an important aspect of Mindfulness and possibly one of the most important. The ability to tune into our bodies in the present moment and be aware of what’s going on, feelings, sensations, discomforts is kind of what being present and mindful is all about. So it wasn’t surprising the Body was the focus in Week 2, right after gratitude.

I can’t say I loved this week of journaling though. I’ve never been one who is comfortable with my own body. Something is always not as good as it could or should be in my disapproving brain. But that proved to be one of the reasons that while I didn’t particularly enjoy it, it was a very important week of journaling for me. The time to reflect and to find some level of acceptance with my body helped my mindfulness living practice greatly.

My favorite journal prompt of the week was also one of the most difficult. The prompt was to write a letter to your body, praising it. It really made me think about all the things my body does for me beyond the appearance of it which I don’t particularly feel joy about. It made me think about how lucky I am to have a healthy body that allows me to walk freely, see without impediment, hear without problem, breathe, eat, drink, and think sharply. Putting all of these ‘good things’ in focus made me really see that although I may not like what the mirror shows all the time, my body is something to be thankful for, to be appreciated, to be in awe of all it can and does do. It also makes me want to work a little harder at the appearance issue that I can actually change and have effect on.

Still not my favorite topic, but I did learn a lot and that’s always something.

Next week: Thoughts. Should be a good one because my Anxiety brain is always going round and round with Thoughts!

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