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pexels-photo-597331.jpegI had intended to write this post about this week’s journal topic this morning. However, a flickering screen and five hours of computer fix-it trial and error and here I am writing it at 2:40 in the afternoon!

I do have to say though that this day’s efforts allowed me a very mindful moment of gratitude. After trying to revert, restore and reset my sad little flickering laptop, I eventually had to suck it up and just do a clean install of the Operating System. On a really large flash drive, which I did not have. But I did have a very large external hard drive and hoped it would do the trick and luckily it did! And then I had to revert my trusty little external hard drive back to its original state. After all this, the one thought that occurred to me what how GRATEFUL I am that I even have the knowledge and know-how to have done any of what I did today.

Too often I concentrate on what’s wrong with me, and this week’s journaling about our innermost thoughts and how we cope with the negative self-talk brought it all to the forefront. I was all ready to tell you all about how I analyzed my thoughts throughout the week and  none of them were very good, but that I tried so very hard to change those negatives to positives and be mindful in the moment that the negatives will pass. I was all ready for that. I have no trouble at all espousing about the things I think I do wrong.

But then, perhaps just when I needed it, the universe or whoever, stepped in and reminded me that I have talents, I have skills, I can do things other people wouldn’t even bother trying to do. Today taught me that. So I will not be writing ad nauseum about what’s wrong with me or the negative thoughts I had this week. (Lucky you!)

Instead, I am just going to be grateful that I was able to fix my little computer and go outside and enjoy some mindfulness in the finally slightly warm weather.

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