Daily Calm, Journey, Mindfulness, Taoism

A Breakthrough

39037919_sIf you’re like me, you try new things and a lot of the time, they just don’t stick. And you’re right back to when you started. However, sometimes, something comes along that does stick and it is a powerful difference. Eighty days ago, I started using the Calm app. Seventy-five days ago I started reading about and incorporating the Taoist philosophy into my life. I mostly began this Journey to calm my severe anxiety. Would it really work though and help me through those extraordinary tough times? In short, yes it did, more than even I thought it would.

This week, I learned that I was potentially being laid off. This has happened to me 5 out of the past 7 years, so I was preparing. But this year around, instead of praying to not be on that list, I found myself praying to be able to take the news and look at the whole situation through the Calm Taoist philosophy. And I did. 80756149 - sign of yin yang laid out of black and white stones on a green lawn

No worry has crept in. I’ve held to the belief that no matter what happens I will end up in the best place for me at the right time. I’ve stopped struggling against that which I cannot control and have chosen to “go with it like water” be flexible, not rigid, accept the things that come my way and know eventually all will work out.

Just doing these meditations and reading these books did not bring me to the place I am today. What these meditations and books gave me was a new perspective, a new knowledge. The ability to look back over my life and see it in action, to really see how through all my ups and downs I really did make it to a better situation, the right situation for me at that time.

It’s been incredibly freeing, shedding all the worry and stress that having a brain like mine has straddled me with for years. I just hope I am able to continue on this path and my brain continues to cooperate.

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