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I recently read an article on a new blog I’m following. It’s called Mindfully Better, and I highly recommend it. The particular article I read was about the author’s favorite mindfulness boosters. At the end of the post, the author asked a question – what are you favorite mindfulness boosters and what are your triggers to mindfulness. I thought a lot about this, especially the triggers part.

I thought about how I’m really good at practicing my mindfulness at specific points in the day, early morning, evening, before bed. But I noticed that I’m not really practicing mindfulness at work or during the day, like at all. I know that the more I practice the more centered I become and the better it is for me. But how to get myself to stop during my busy day and take time to be mindful, even for just a minute. Several other blogs I’ve read have talked about mindfulness bells and apps that can alert you to be mindful. But I don’t always have my phone attached to me and a bell would be distracting to my students. So what to do?

Then it struck me – Fit Bit. I wear a fit bit daily to track my steps. The version I have has a handy silent alarm function. I can use the silent alarm to remind myself periodically to take the time to be mindful during my day. It was a perfect solution.

It may not be a solution for everyone, but it’s working for me, and I encourage everyone to find a reminder system that works for them.

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