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Words & Wonder

wordleThe Words

Synchronicity ~ the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Coincidencea remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection.

Causal Connection ~  a  relationship between two events, in which one event causes the other

Serendipitythe occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

A Bit of Background

Mindfulness teaches us to be aware. Taoism teaches us to let things just happen. So what happens then when those two teachings collide? That’s what was my lesson of the week.

I am a teacher by profession and a learner by nature. They tend to go hand in hand. This week turned out to be my week to be the student. A student not of what we might call proper school learning, but a student of life learning. (I did still obviously do my job of teaching, it sadly, is not yet summer break.)

I’ve always been extremely analytical. Borderline obsessive analytical. On the other hand, I’ve also always had this little part of me that believes in the unexplainable. I think it might be my inner child, but that’s a whole nother can of worms there. This part of me has always been fascinated by messages from guides received in meditation or readings, and meditation to connect to something other than just my body and mindfulness. I believe in Spirituality, but not strictly spirituality through religion. You aren’t going to find me in a pew every Sunday morning (that’s when I usually write the Sunday blog, to be honest). But I do believe in a higher power and that that higher power means something. I don’t even have a particular name for it, though if you asked if I believed in God, I’d say yes, because that could be the power. I’ve also just called it the ‘Universe’ or ‘Higher Power’ when I’ve talked about it. Whatever, it’s called, I believe it to be.

In my budding dabbling in Taoism, I’ve begun to embrace the unexplainable more and more and also embraced just letting it happen. But, darn it if I can’t help thinking about it and just how interesting the whole thing really is! Which is really a big no-no in Taoism, actually – stop thinking so much the Master says. Do Nothing. Alas,  I think, in truth, we will never escape our whole selves and must just accept all our bits and pieces for they are what make us who we are.


The Wonder

So that’s takes us to the end of last week. Something awful happened to an old friend, who was a bit more than a friend, but whom I’ve not spoken to, for a very specific reason, for about 2 1/2 years, save one very casual email. My first instinct was to send a card to this friend because that’s what one does in these situations. But how would it be received? I facilitated, then I thought of the Tao, which says do nothing, but also go with the flowing water and I guess at that point I took my gut to be the flowing water and sent the card. No matter what happened because of this action, I knew in my own being that I was doing it purely out of kindness and if I never heard a word back, that would be okay.

On to this week, with the friend still a bit lodged in the forefront of my brain, which is interesting as I also lost my job (temporarily) and that’s stressful enough to make you not want to think of anything else, but there he was nonetheless.

That’s when the venturing into the unexplainable started to occur…it began with a simple invitation to a retirement celebration of a teacher I work with. I was happy to go and enjoy her send-off, then I noticed who else would be in attendance ~ him. Then I noticed where it was happening ~ a special place where something involving him occurred a few years ago. Then I noticed the date ~ a date when something different but equally special also occurred those few years ago. What was happening??

At first, I thought ‘wow, just a bizarre coincidence, right?’ The more I thought (I know it’s bad, my Taoist readers!), the more I needed to know if there was more at work here. I reached out to some readers of the guides messages, because I really am not that intuned to understanding these messages on my own. And one word just kept popping up. It wasn’t coincidence – it was synchronicity. Other messages included stop thinking so much, especially about how any of this could be negative, embrace the positive and just go with the flow, dear – these guides do really seem to know me. I actually reached out to two sources and the one had no idea about the situation at all, just my name – but the message was exactly the same spot on. Eerie!

As I was getting ready to write all this, I was looking up those words, just to make sure I wasn’t talking about something and was wrong about what it actually meant – and in that I stumbled upon one of my favorite words ever ~ Serendipity. It’s just a nice sounding word, with a lovely, rather fairy tale meaning, I think. It also scarily fit in with the whole thing – hoping the ‘happy’ part works out in this strange synchronicity of events coming up on my horizon.

Whatever you may or not may believe or believe in – at this point you could think I’m just a crazy gal with crazy ideas – but doesn’t it make just a little part of you wonder?

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