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Growth Through Growing & The Lovely Outdoors ~ Day 1

Plants. I’ve never been good with plants. I love the picking out what to plant. I love the planting part of it. It’s the taking care that seems to have me flummoxed. I under water, I over water, I sometimes have literally forgotten all about them. A horticulturist,  I am not.

However, something in me upon this spiritual (it’s somehow now become spiritual) self-improvement journey has been calling on me to get my hands dirty, so to speak. To really work at cultivating a living thing and seeing it’s growth through my own growth. I have no idea how this will end up, but I’m hoping for the best.

So I was thinking as I’ve begun to embrace some Eastern philosophies, those little bonsai’s are super cute, right? Let’s start there. Bad idea. They come in little cute ceramic pots, but are truly best left to the outdoors or a very sunny spot – a very sunny spot I did not have. So out they went. One is doing okay, one I’m hoping will survive.

Best do a little research first, because what I really wanted, at first, was a hardy indoor plant that would be rather difficult even for me to kill. I stumbled upon the snake plant, which not only is such a hardy indoor plant, it also has area purifying properties that I found appealing.


You can almost see the little “snake” peeking through inside, which I assume is where it got its name from. I find this little plant to be quite remarkable, it’s mix of greens, it’s spiraling leaves. I think it’s a good starter plant for any former plant killer. I’ll let you know how it goes. Hoping growth comes and not the other thing.

I may share my little bonsai’s at some point, as I will them back to life with hopefully lots of sun and a bit of rain.

In the spirit of growing and cultivating, I thought this week I’d share a bit of outside plantings too. Though I can’t claim complete credit for their thriving (mostly down to my amazing mother) – they are beautiful to look at, and give me something to aspire to in my budding life of a hobby gardener.

Here’s the first of those – I hope you enjoy some outdoor loveliness!

The Lovely Outdoors ~ Day 1


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