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As Summer Begins, A Process Unfolds

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Yes, I know the season of summer doesn’t actually begin for a few weeks now, but for a teacher, well, it starts the moment you leave that building for the last time. As much happiness there is in ending another year and sending children on, hopefully a bit better than they were when you met them, it also can be a bit of an odd transition.

Days once filled with early risings and the bustle of children in hallways and classrooms become much more relaxed and slightly less filled.

I generally take about a week to adjust and then jump into summer projects and plans. This happens to be that week and it’s making me feel a bit different than usual. But I’ve struggled to figure out why. Until today.

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The path to mindfulness and exploring oneself is not one really measured by completed tasks. Sure, I can watch as my meditation counter shows how many sessions I’ve done or days I’ve continued my streak, but it doesn’t really measure that inner growth I’m striving for. That’s difficult for me. I like measurable results. As sure as I am this path will lead to a happier, more fulfilled and contented life, it’s more of process than a set of tasks.

So how does one come to terms with desiring the quantifiable when seeking quality? I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. But for me, I’m going to measure it in perseverance. In my ability to continue to follow the process day by day, even if I can’t see the results in front of me. So I guess watching that counter and feeling the changes within will be what determines if my goal is attained. At least it’s a start and a way to calm my results oriented brain.

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