Insomnia Blogging

Insomnia Blogging

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Insomnia is a tricky thing. One I’ve struggled with for about as long as I can remember. I get a lot of good work done in the middle of the night, but know that I’ll pay for it in the morning and during the day. Summer has always been my most insomniac period, likely because I don’t have a classroom of children looming on the morning horizon. But still, it’s unsettling that feeling of not being able to fall asleep. The just lying there waiting for sleep to come.

I know you’re not supposed to lay there and wait. Which is why insomnia blogging has become of thing for me a few times since I began this endeavor. But it doesn’t seem to help. Getting the words out certainly helps clear my mind, but it continues to race forward bouncing around like a never-ending pinball game inside my head.

I’ve done all I know to deal with it. Sleep specialist, sleep studies, medications, that therapy where you try to change a habit. I’ve done it all. None of it has worked. Are some of us just wired to not get sleep when we’re supposed to? I’d probably be a good third shift worker, but unfortunately for me, that’s not really a reality in my choice of career. Perhaps I need to fill my summer days with more stimulation and activity as opposed to rest and recuperation after a long school year. I don’t know the answer. And until I do, I suppose insomnia blogging is going to be my new thing.

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