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Weathering the Storm

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I awoke today to the news of another tragic suicide amongst the celebrity world. And while this is certainly not a current events blog or a news one or a celebrity one, it got me thinking about mindfulness. The first thought, admittedly, that popped into my head was – goodness if these people with their seemingly amazing lives can’t cope, what does that mean for us ordinary folk?

Almost instantly I realized the answer to my question, first the word ‘seemingly’. Just because someone appears on the outside, to the rest of the world, to have it all, so to speak, we know nothing of what’s really behind their cover. They are books we cannot read. Second, perhaps us ordinary folk are all the better for being ‘ordinary’. For in our ordinariness we are, in fact, extraordinary.

I have a few Kate Spade bags and I’ve watched Anthony Bourdain’s shows many times. And a part of me has certainly wished to have the talent to make beautiful things and travel to exotic places. One thing I wish I didn’t share with them is the feeling of living not being worth it anymore. I’ve been there. Not because of depression, like so, so many, but for me, anxiety. Crippling anxiety.

I’ve seen dark days, and one reason for my turning to Calm and the Daily Calm Community on Facebook, and just to mindfulness is those dark days. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky that I have had the opportunity to find my peace in these tools. I’ve been able to live in the present, to appreciate every moment I’m given on this earth and to understand just how precious that is. Mindfulness has taught me to cope with stress, with sadness, with anxiety, with grief, with just life.

It makes me incredibly sad that though that has worked for me, for others there is still such storminess and darkness. I hope they too are able to find something that brings them into the light, even for just a moment to realize that this life we are given is worth living, and maybe tomorrow will  be a better day.

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If you or a loved one are having thoughts of suicide, there is help, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-8255. 

1 thought on “Weathering the Storm”

  1. Tragic suicides happen every day. The only thing different about the recently reported suicides is that have been focused on by the media. Even though media don’t report them, suicides always occur, for various reasons. It is no reflection on our own lives. It’s part of life.


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