Daily Calm, Insomnia Blogging

More Insomnia Blogging ~ Patience

img_3776I’ve been feeling out of sorts for the last few days. I can’t really pinpoint what it is that’s bothering me or causing these feelings. It’s been very irritating. But today’s Daily Calm about patience gave me a reminder I needed – though patience may not come easy for me, in the end, it’s the one thing I really need to have for myself.

Patience and I have never really gotten along. I’ve always been a go, go, go, I want it now type of person. So the fact that mindfulness has strong connections with patience, makes practice a bit difficult for me at times. Though as frustrating as it may be, this is a good thing. With each bit of patience extended I notice that I am calmer. It’s okay if I don’t do that thing or this thing right away. It’s okay if I don’t have this or that right now.

Practicing patience is teaching me. It’s teaching me about myself. It’s teaching me that a lifetime of being one way can be changed. I can grow and learn new tools to cope with life’s challenges. Even if one of those tools happens to also be one of those challenges.

It is my hope to continue to expand my patience limits, but I also know that I must be patient with myself and not judgemental as I try to do this endeavor.


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