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The Path to Non-Judgment

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In my journey to becoming more mindful about my life, my present, my actions, I’ve discovered many new things along the way. Taoism, which I’ve spoken about before was one of those new things. To me, it’s a philosophy, perhaps a spiritual one,  but still a philosophy nonetheless.

I’ve also discovered news things on a spiritual level. And I’ve learned that spirituality doesn’t always equal religion. I wasn’t raised in a particularly religious household. Yes, I went to Sunday school and the mini-bible camps at our local church when I was a child. If someone asks, I will generally say I’m a Methodist. I’ve often thought about returning to church. I do believe there is a higher power in this life, God, if you will. I’ve never experienced a crisis of faith that that higher power did not exist.

But more and more as I learn about myself and the different philosophies and spiritualities out in the world, I find that I don’t truly stick to just one belief. Some might say that’s being wishy-washy – picking the new fad of the day. To me, though it’s taking the parts of each and making them my own.

My latest venture has taken me into the world of spiritual guidance and healing through meditation and connecting to the Divine source of life. It’s also included a bit of astrology. I know many people in the world think these things are quacky and go against God and true religion and spirituality. Some say it’s just a con job. But is it a con job if it helps you? If you are able to find some peace and happiness in your beliefs is it still just a con?

Everyone is a different person and has different beliefs. I am someone who truly believes that all people have this divine right to choose what they want to believe in, to choose their own path. We cannot know what anyone is going through in life, so can we really judge the tools they seek to help them navigate their existence?

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I’ve always been extremely anxious and self-conscious about what other people think, or more apt what I think other people think and it has kept me from sharing many of my beliefs and thoughts with others. Mindfulness has taught me a lot of

. A lot. If you do the Calm app, you will hear many times to be aware, but not judge what’s going on inside of you. I think this non-judgment teaching has really stuck with me and allowed me to look at other parts of my life and thoughts and stop judging myself for those. It’s been a true growth experience.

This journey has been a strange road so far, taking me places, metaphorically, I never even thought to venture. But it has been enlightening, beneficial and even a bit fun discovering these new things and new ideas about myself. I’m looking forward to what’s still to come.

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