Natural World, Photography

A Hike Through The Forest

Outside our cabin in the forest we discovered a hiking trail. It wasn’t on any map. We weren’t sure how it was created or where it even went to, if anywhere. Our sense of adventure was instantly piqued. So as late morning arrived, my nephew and I set off to explore this serendipitous path in our backyard. It ended up taking us in a lovely loop around the collection of cabins around us. Though just following the unknown path was really all the fun we needed, we also had the opportunity to delight in some things along the way. Some interestingly shaped rocks, random daisies and just the true beauty a forest always holds.

The Path









Along the Way and Random Daisies

Rocks of varied shapes (my nephew was enthralled by how they got this way)

Emerging from the Path and our Final Destination

The End

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