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Thoughts, Issues & Realizations

I had intended to write this post about this week's journal topic this morning. However, a flickering screen and five hours of computer fix-it trial and error and here I am writing it at 2:40 in the afternoon! I do have to say though that this day's efforts allowed me a very mindful moment of… Continue reading Thoughts, Issues & Realizations


Knowing When

Part of Mindfulness is being aware. Knowing when to let go of the things that no longer serve you. This has always been a difficult task for me. I tend to hang on. But in some things I also can tend to not be so great at following through. As I explained a few posts… Continue reading Knowing When

Journal, Mindfulness

The Mind & The Body

 This week in The Mindfulness Journal , the focus was on the Body. Awareness of the body is an important aspect of Mindfulness and possibly one of the most important. The ability to tune into our bodies in the present moment and be aware of what's going on, feelings, sensations, discomforts is kind of what being… Continue reading The Mind & The Body