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Taking Mindfulness To Nature

This week, I'm  headed out-of-town for some relaxing time away and to reconnect with nature. One certainly does not need to leave their town to find nature or to be mindful in it. However, as I'm on summer break, summer vacation is a yearly tradition and my family likes to spend that vacation generally in… Continue reading Taking Mindfulness To Nature

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The Path to Non-Judgment

In my journey to becoming more mindful about my life, my present, my actions, I've discovered many new things along the way. Taoism, which I've spoken about before was one of those new things. To me, it's a philosophy, perhaps a spiritual one,  but still a philosophy nonetheless. I've also discovered news things on a… Continue reading The Path to Non-Judgment

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More Insomnia Blogging ~ Patience

I've been feeling out of sorts for the last few days. I can't really pinpoint what it is that's bothering me or causing these feelings. It's been very irritating. But today's Daily Calm about patience gave me a reminder I needed - though patience may not come easy for me, in the end, it's the… Continue reading More Insomnia Blogging ~ Patience

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Weathering the Storm

I awoke today to the news of another tragic suicide amongst the celebrity world. And while this is certainly not a current events blog or a news one or a celebrity one, it got me thinking about mindfulness. The first thought, admittedly, that popped into my head was - goodness if these people with their… Continue reading Weathering the Storm