Anxiety, Mindfulness

Weathering the Storm

I awoke today to the news of another tragic suicide amongst the celebrity world. And while this is certainly not a current events blog or a news one or a celebrity one, it got me thinking about mindfulness. The first thought, admittedly, that popped into my head was - goodness if these people with their… Continue reading Weathering the Storm

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Choppy Waves Ahead

It's been quite a weekend.  And the week to come is only predicted to get worse. I didn't really have a bad week, but a very sick Friday and Saturday seemed to make the whole week become  not a good one. I also was too busy to do some of the things I wanted to… Continue reading Choppy Waves Ahead

Anxiety, Mindfulness

One of THOSE Weeks

I had a bad week. Nothing catastrophic happened, but nothing just seemed to really work out either. I was annoyed this week, at everyone, everything, just irritable and probably not the nicest to those around me. I dislike myself when I am this way.  However, at least I know the why behind these feelings and this… Continue reading One of THOSE Weeks

Anxiety, Mindfulness

Just When You Need It

Sometimes something comes along at just the right time. Some call it fate, others coincidence. No matter what you may call it, getting something you need at the exact moment you most need it is really rather remarkable. Yesterday and most of last night when I was not sleeping, I was thinking to myself what… Continue reading Just When You Need It