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Summer Reading

As an elementary school teacher, the encouraging of summer reading is near the top of the list of End of Year activities. So, as this school year says goodbye and summer break says hello, I thought I'd create a little summer reading list of my own. If you know of a good book, please leave… Continue reading Summer Reading

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The Mind & The Body

 This week in The Mindfulness Journal , the focus was on the Body. Awareness of the body is an important aspect of Mindfulness and possibly one of the most important. The ability to tune into our bodies in the present moment and be aware of what's going on, feelings, sensations, discomforts is kind of what being… Continue reading The Mind & The Body

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New Discoveries Along the Journey

As I have been progressing through the #Dailycalm meditions, one in particular stood out. It spoke about the Tao of Pooh. A book written to convey the concepts of the Tao philosophy in a comparison between the principles of the philosophy and the characteristics of the characters in the book. So I decided to give… Continue reading New Discoveries Along the Journey

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The Journey Explained

As I mentioned in the opening post, my path through Mindfulness began when I stumbled across the Calm app on my iPhone, looking to just get some quiet in my brain.  I suffer from an Anxiety Disorder that has rather taken over most of my life the past few years. I decided I needed to… Continue reading The Journey Explained