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Insomnia Blogging – Third Time’s The Charm?

I spent this past week recharging and unwinding, connecting with nature and had an all-around fantastic time of it. I decided to disconnect for the last few days of my trip and I think that made my commune with nature all the more perfect. Being in the forest, just surrounded¬† by the pure wonder of… Continue reading Insomnia Blogging – Third Time’s The Charm?

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To Venture Within

Something I learned, quite recently, is that on the path to self-improvement, you inevitably must look within yourself. Because at the end of the day, what you are improving isn't your outer circumstances or the world around you, but actually yourself. And what's inside you. Not physically, of course, but your mind, your attitudes, your… Continue reading To Venture Within

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Those of you who've been following along with me on this journey since the beginning know that it all began when I decided to bring mindfulness into my life and found the Calm app. Admittedly, I don't always do the Daily Calm meditation - sometimes I just do a timed silent meditation or another one… Continue reading Cultivation