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The Sun Shines On

Whilst sitting on our cabin patio in the mid-morning sun, I became interested in how the sunlight effects how we see those things it shines down upon. Just noticing the shadows and different highlights the natural sun provides intrigued me and sent me off to find out if I could capture any of that magic… Continue reading The Sun Shines On

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Quotable Quotes ~ The Fifth

After my morning whinge, it occurred to me part of what's been making me down and irritable lately may have something to do with the never-ending Winter my little corner of the world has been experiencing this year. So as today was semi-warm, I decided to spend a little time in the outdoors. It proved… Continue reading Quotable Quotes ~ The Fifth

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Quotable Quotes ~ The Third

The other day I tried to post two quotes on one post, but it just didn't look right on the homepage, so I gave up and just posted the one. I have however, perservered and found a way to showcase the second quote in a more special way. So without further ado, and courtesy of… Continue reading Quotable Quotes ~ The Third